【BOYA NEW WIRELESS LAVALIER MICROPHONE】BY-WM3T2 series is a mini 2.4GHz wireless microphone system that provides high-quality sound for live streaming, vlogging, course recording, and other audio capturing app lications.The BY-WM3T2-U2 is compatible with most devices with a USB-C port including Android smartphones and tablets. Including the 2 transmitters, BY-WM3T2-U2 can record two sound sources at the same time.
【TINY & LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS MIC】BY-WM3T2 series is impossibly compact and lightweight, and it’s easy to get started as long as you plug the receiver into the device. The combined weight of the TX and RX is no more than 15g, making them very portable. Because of its ultra-compact size and super lightweight, the transmitter won’t tug at your collar when you clip it.
【SUPPORT LIVE BROADCASTING AND PHONE CHARGING SIMULTANEOUSLY】 When the BY-WM3T2 receiver is plugged into a smartphone, the phone can be charged via Type-C charging port on the receiver. It ensures your uninterrupted work for a long time, such as live streaming. Besides, the built-in rechargeable battery of the transmitter provides up to 10 hours of run time, which helps you get a full day of audio recording.
【EASY TO CONNECT AUTOMATICALLY】 This innovative wireless lav microphone is much easier to set. No Adapter, Bluetooth or Application needed. Just plug the receiver lightning port into your devices, then turn on the portable mic, these two parts will pair automatically
【NOISE CANCELLATION GIVES HIGH-QUALITY SOUND】Smart noise cancellation technology can effectively identify the original sound and can record clear sound in a noisy environment. By clicking the power button twice, you can activate the noise cancellation feature. When the indicator blinks blue slowly, it’s in the noise cancellation mode, which helps you remove ambient noise and give you a clear sound.


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The BOYA Mini Wireless Microphone 2.4GHz BY-WM3T2-U1 empowers your audio recording endeavors with its advanced features and seamless functionality. Whether you’re a content creator, journalist, educator, or videographer, this compact yet powerful wireless microphone system delivers professional-grade sound performance for various applications.

Featuring a transmitter and receiver with a sleek and lightweight design, the BY-WM3T2-U1 offers effortless setup and operation, ensuring maximum convenience and flexibility in your recording setup. Its 2.4GHz digital transmission technology guarantees stable and interference-free audio transmission over a distance of up to 50 meters (164 feet), allowing you to capture crystal-clear sound without worrying about signal disruptions.

The BY-WM3T2-U1 comes equipped with a clip-on lapel microphone featuring an omnidirectional pickup pattern, enabling you to capture audio from multiple subjects simultaneously with remarkable clarity and accuracy. Additionally, the system supports real-time monitoring through its headphone output, allowing you to monitor audio levels and quality while recording, ensuring optimal results every time.

Whether you’re recording interviews, presentations, vlogs, or video content, the BOYA Mini Wireless Microphone 2.4GHz BY-WM3T2-U1 offers the perfect blend of reliability, versatility, and professional audio performance, making it an indispensable tool for any audio recording enthusiast.

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