Blupebble Urban Pebble Gear Mobile Accessories Storage Bag in Dark Grey

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Introducing the Urban Pebble Gear Kit: Keep Your Tech Gear Tangle-Free


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Are you tired of digging through your bag to find tangled cords and misplaced accessories? Say goodbye to the chaos with the Urban Pebble Gear Kit. Designed to keep your tech gear organized and easily accessible, this spacious kit is your solution to on-the-go organization.


  • Spacious Design: The Urban Pebble Gear Kit offers ample space to fit all your tech accessories, from chargers to headphones, ensuring everything stays in one convenient place.
  • Effortless Access: Equipped with a convenient zipper, this kit provides full and effortless access to your gear, so you can grab what you need without any hassle.
  • Secure Slip Pocket: The slip pocket inside the kit securely holds your power bank and other essential items, keeping them safely in place during transit.
  • Stretch Mesh Pockets: Stay organized with stretch mesh pockets designed to hold small items like USB drives, memory cards, and adapters, preventing them from getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Floating Wall with Elastic Cable Organizer: Say goodbye to tangled cords! The floating wall inside the kit features an elastic cable organizer, keeping your cords neatly in place and untangled.
  • Eco-Friendly Construction: Made from recycled woven fabric, the Urban Pebble Gear Kit is not only functional but also environmentally conscious, making it a sustainable choice for your organization needs.
  • Smooth-Action Zippers: Featuring smooth-action zippers, this kit ensures easy opening and closing, so you can access your gear quickly without any frustration.



Tidy up your tech gear tangle-free with our spacious kit. Designed to fit all your accessories while on the move, our kit is perfect for larger items and additional bits. The convenient zipper provides full and effortless access, while the slip pocket holds your power bank and other items securely. Stay organized with stretch mesh pockets for small items and a floating wall with an elastic cable organizer. Plus, our kit is eco-friendly, made from recycled woven fabric with smooth-action zippers. Keep your tech accessories organized and hassle-free on the go.


Efficiently stores all your tech gadgets while on the move.

Designed for larger accessories and additional items.

Unzips completely for quick and effortless access.

Convenient slip pocket for a power bank.

Stretchable mesh pockets to hold miscellaneous items.

Includes an elastic cable organizer within a floating wall.

Smooth and seamless zippers.

Crafted from sustainable PVC+Polyester materials.

Say goodbye to the chaos of tangled cords and misplaced accessories with the Urban Pebble Gear Kit. Designed for tech enthusiasts on the move, this eco-friendly kit offers ample space and thoughtful organization features to keep your gear neat, tidy, and easily accessible wherever you go. Invest in the Urban Pebble Gear Kit and experience hassle-free organization on the go.

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