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LePresso Bean Grinder Coffee Brewing Machine is an all-in-one home coffee maker which consists of an adjustable bean grinder and brewing machine. This Programmable grind and brew coffee machine with compact design and satisfying capacity, is a beneficial kitchen supply suitable for home coffee making purposes. In order to make an informed decision, in this overview, we will explore the key features, performance, and usability of LePresso Bean Grinder Coffee Brewing Machine.


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Voltage and Power Adaptability

This home appliance will operate on 220-240V, compatible with power frequency of 50-60Hz and power rating that ranges between 680W and 820W at its maximum capacity. This indicates that it is designed to function efficiently worldwide.

It is accompanied by a UK 3 Pin plug which is standard in the United Kingdom and several other regions. To ensure safety, the three pins are comprised of a line, neutral, and an earth (ground) pin. In case of incompatibility, you will only need a voltage converter and a plug adapter to ensure safe and effective operation.

Weight and Size

This Automatic coffee maker is compact in size as it can easily fit into any kitchen or office with its 3 kilograms weigh, 39 centimeters height, 16 centimeters width, and 27 centimeters length. With this easy-to-fit size, it consists of a 90gr bean box and 750ml water tank that can provide you with up to 6 cups of freshly brewed coffee.

Flat Burr Coffee Grinder

In order to offer a richer flavor profile, this device uses flat Burr Grinding Technique which uses two parallel discs for uniformly grinding coffee beans. in this method, one burr remains stationary while the other rotates causing beans crush for a consistent grind. This design ensures a balanced coffee extraction due to the uniform particle size and stronger taste.

The grinding process is adjustable with a grind knob provided on top. As a result, you can adjust the grind size from fine to coarse. By combining the flat burr grind method and adjustable grind size, this gadget offers a richer flavor, by reducing the generated heat from grinding friction that can affect coffee taste.

To reduce waste, this coffee machine gives you the chance to calibrate the amount of beans needed to be grind through the control knob provided on front. This works as you rotate and adjust coffee-dispensing amount to any 3 modes provided. These modes give you the ability to adjust the amount of coffee suitable to make 2, 4, or 6 cups of coffee.

Coffee brewing Process

By fulling coffee bean box, filling the water tank with cold water, rotating the control knob, adjusting the coffee strength and amount, and pushing down the control knob, the brewing process is going to start. The first 3seconds is dedicated to the grinding process, and the next one is the time machine needs to start brewing process. By the end of brewing process, you will be informed by 3-time buzzer.

This machine is also able to brew coffee from ground coffee. In this method, in order to make coffee, you need to pour grinded coffee into the coffee filter, put on the filter coffee, activate the grind-off mode, and by pressing the start bottom the brewing process is going to get started.

The Anti-Drip Valves

The anti-drip feature of this machine prevents coffee from dripping onto the warming plate when the carafe is removed. It functions as the valve automatically closes when the container is removed and reopens once replaced. This feature offers easy cleaning and increases safety by preventing skin burns from hot coffee spills.

The Keeping Warm Plate

With this device’s keeping warm technology you can keep the carafe container warm for about 40 minutes. This feature is activated once you do not unplug the device as the brewing process end and due to built-in safety features is available for limited time, because after the machine has been plug to the wall plug for 35 minutes, the safeguard will automatically shut the gadget out.

General Maintenance and Mineral Deposits Cleaning

In order to improve the device’s function and extend its life cycle, it is crucial to regularly clean interior and exterior surfaces from coffee remaining and mineral deposits. However, to avoid any harm, you have to unplug the device before beginning the cleaning process. The detachable parts like carafe, funnel, filter, and filter cover cleaning are easy as you are able to wash them with warm sudsy water. Yet, the inseparable surface stains must be removed by soft damp cloth.

After a long-term use, due to the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water, the interior parts attract some amounts of mineral deposits. In order to remove them, it is essential to use descaler cleaner once every 3 months. This cleaning cycle begins by fulling the water tank with water and descaler to the MAX level, activating the grind-off mode, and pressing start bottom. After the operation ends, it is crucial to rinse the appliance with clean water at least 3 times to remove the chemicals.

5 General Hints for Great-Tasting Coffee

1. Use cold water in the coffee maker.

2. Reseal unused ground coffee tightly and place it in a cool, dry place like refrigerator. The moisture of the coffee bean or powder can affect the coffee taste.

3. For an optimum coffee taste, buy whole coffee beans and grind them just before use.

4. Do NOT reheat or reuse coffee grounds as it effectively reduces coffee flavor. The coffee is at its peak flavor about 1 to 2 minutes after brewing.

5. Regularly clean the coffee machine as the extraction of black coffee ground causes oiliness of the surface. Oiliness may occur more frequently if heavily roasted coffees are used.


In addition, LePresso Bean Grinder Coffee Brewing Machine is a bean-to-cup coffee making solution, appropriate for home or small office uses. With its adjustable flat burr grinder, 90g bean box, and 750ml carafe it is able to provide you with up to 6 cups of convenient quality brewed coffee from coffee bean and cold temperature water. With this all-in-one appliance at home, you can wake up to a fresh cup of coffee every single day!


Always Warm
Adjustable Strength/Size
Flat Burr Grinder
Convenient Quality Brew
Bean Box Capacity: 90g
Water Tank Capacity: 750ml
Voltage: 220-240V- 50-60Hz
Power: 680-820W MAX
Power Cord: UK 3 Pin

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